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LemonEd is your end-to-end strategic partner in the application process for top MBA programs, from strategizing to planning to execution.

Getting a degree is an investment in your future. When we decide to partner with you, we become a part of that investment. That's why we have created a robust 9 step process to package your profile into applications that are admit-worthy at top business schools globally.

Profile Evaluation & Analysis

Our process starts with a detailed questionnaire followed by a one-on-one counselling session to get an in-depth understanding of your academic, professional, and personal background as well as your short term and long term career goals. 

MBA Resume

We guide you to create an MBA resume that highlights the strengths that admissions committees look for. We ensure that your education, career and leadership achievements stand out so that you have an edge in the application process.

School Selection

We build a comprehensive list of schools after matching your background, goals, aspirations, and constraints, with the best possible MBA programs, and then work with you to optimize and create the final list that best fits your profile.

Recommendation Letters

We help you select recommenders and provide guidance to ensure you get powerful recommendation letters that support your application. This includes providing incisive inputs on language, flow, and examples to create the desired impact.

Application Planning

We prepare a roadmap for crafting winning applications that involves proper planning, filling out the forms accurately, preparing the documents, reporting test scores, and submitting everything within the stipulated deadlines.

Essay Writing

We work with you to transform your key personal and professional stories into compelling essays, continually providing strategic improvements to ensure that the writing sparkles with clarity, authenticity, and persuasiveness.

We provide general interviewing tips, communication training, and school specific inputs to you along with conducting mock interviews with customized feedback to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for the final qualifying stage.

Interview Preparation


We assist you in selecting the right scholarships from various sources and provide comprehensive guidance on building strong, customized scholarship applications that maximize your chances of getting as much financial aid as possible.

Post Acceptance

Our work doesn't end once the letters of acceptance start coming in. We provide objective advice for choosing your business school to ensure the best academic experience and a successful career, and help you strategize in case you have been waitlisted.

While planning and timelines are important to any process, you don't have to worry about counting the hours. You'll get all the support you need when it comes to brainstorming, feedback and advice, and essay revisions. All we seek is your commitment to working hard, receptivity to ideas, and bringing your best effort to your application.


Your Uniqueness

We have perfected the ability of uncovering your unique traits that make you stand out from the rest of the competition and help us build winning MBA applications.

Your Stories

We have mastered the art of storytelling, crafting clear, concise and compelling narratives that are memorable and leave a lasting impression on MBA admissions committees. 

Your Success

We have deciphered the MBA admissions code to ensure that your achievements are highlighted, your potential is projected, and your authenticity shines through.

Start your journey to a top business school with a free 30 min consultation. Call today.
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