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Heartfelt words from LemonEd's clients about their experience working with us and the role our services played in their success.

Anushka Ghosh - ISB, IIM-A, IIM-B (Rs. 10 lakhs scholarship), IIM-C

Profile - GMAT - 730 | Education - BE | Work Experience - 6+ years


Embarking on the MBA application journey is a very difficult, demanding and confusing endeavour.

Prashant has helped me in the difficult task of reflecting on my own story by asking the right questions. He has equipped me with ways to use my story to make my essays and answers to interview questions unique and personal. Everyone has a unique story, you just need to know how to narrate it.

At a lot of stages of my application, I was confused whether the essays and my answers made sense. Here Prashant gave me feedback from the admission's office or the interviewers point of view - this is something considerably better than anyone giving a personal opinion. He also made me understand the  psychology and value of every school that I was applying to so that I understand why something is right or wrong.

I was working full time when I applied for the B-Schools. To make matters worse the interviews and deadlines of submissions were on the year end when I had to put in extra hours too. Prashant helped me stay extremely calm despite impending deadlines but also stay focused. At the same time, he didn't allow any compromise in the quality of my application. He helped me stay motivated by breaking down the tasks into milestones and by creating a timeline for the milestones.

It was a pleasant and a great learning experience working with Prashant.

Shaunak Potdar - IE Business School, ESADE, IIM-I, Mannheim Business School, HEC Montreal, Edhec Business School

Profile - GMAT - 630 | Education - BE, MS | Work Experience - 10+ years


The MBA application process can be especially daunting. Prashant demystified this process for me – right from brainstorming my story, selecting schools, drafting essays, and preparing for interviews.

After doing my research looking for the best admissions consultant, both online and through personal references, I was given Prashant’s contact details by an ISB alum. From our first intro call I already knew I had found the best fit for me, as having a direct personal contact with my admissions
consultant was key for me. From day one, Prashant made it a point to get to know me. During our conversations, he made me question who I am as a person and what makes me who I am; these inherent questions helped me craft a differentiated and personalized story.

Additionally, Prashant always provided very specific and targeted feedback on essay drafts which in-turn allowed me to build insightful essays. He knows what each school is looking for and helped me tailor my profile accordingly.

Prashant’s been more than a consultant – I believe we were in this journey together; from the GMAT phase to the applications and MBA interviews. Ultimately, this proved to me instrumental in landing my b-school admissions and I cannot thank him enough! I highly recommend Prashant for anyone
considering an MBA!

Vasudha Khandeparkar - London Business School, INSEAD, Judge Business School, Saïd Business School

Profile - GMAT - 720 | Education - BS, MSc | Work Experience - 10+ years


I can't recommend LemonEd enough! With their expert guidance, I was able to secure admits to several top European MBA programs.

From the beginning, I was impressed by how personalized the consulting was. They took the time to understand my unique background and goals and then worked with me to create a tailored application strategy. Their brainstorming sessions for school selection were incredibly helpful and allowed me to think more critically about which programs were the best fit for me.

One thing that really stood out to me was their strategic approach. They helped me to highlight my strengths and address any weaknesses in my application. They also provided invaluable advice on how to position myself as a strong candidate in the eyes of the admissions committees.

Throughout the entire process, LemonEd demonstrated a genuine desire to help me succeed. They were always available to answer my questions and provide feedback on my essays and application materials. I really appreciated the unlimited revisions they offered, which allowed me to make sure my application was as strong as possible.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with LemonEd's expertise and commitment. They truly went above and beyond to help me achieve my goals and I am so grateful for their support throughout the entire application process. I would highly recommend LemonEd to anyone looking for expert MBA admissions consulting.

Khukan Saha - IIM-I, IIM-L | Interviews - IIM-B, IIM-C, IIM-K

Profile - GMAT - 680 | Education - BE | Work Experience - 7+ years


After gaining valuable experience in operations over the past few years, I recognized my aspiration to transition into the business world. It became evident that pursuing an MBA was the most effective means to make this shift.

During my preparations for the GMAT exam and subsequent MBA program applications last year, I discovered LemonEd through a friend. Upon contacting Prashant, I was convinced that he would be the ideal guide to navigate me through the intricacies of entering an MBA program.

Prashant consistently demonstrated authenticity and optimism throughout this journey, helping me uncover the strengths within my personal and professional life. I vividly recall the noticeable difference between the initial draft of my story and the refined essays I ultimately submitted to the programs. His guidance enabled me to articulate my thoughts and ideas more effectively and concisely, a crucial factor in realizing my full potential.

Embarking on an MBA program demands considerable self-belief. Hailing from a small town in the north-east of India, this weighed heavily on my self-confidence. LemonEd, however, highlighted the strength and unique perspective I could bring to the table.

In summary, the process of planning and applying for an MBA is inherently challenging. Having a seasoned guide and mentor who has navigated this path numerous times significantly alleviates the difficulties. For me, Prashant and LemonEd have proven to be the perfect fit for this role.

My experience working with Prashant was exceptional, and I attribute a substantial portion of my successful admissions to his invaluable guidance.

Chirag Khemka - INSEAD, ESADE | Interviews - London Business School

Profile - GMAT - 720 | Education - BBA | Work Experience - 2 years


The application procedure at top universities is notably thorough and comprehensive. Prashant has proven instrumental in facilitating the successful completion of my master’s applications. He consistently provided guidance and meticulously planned each stage, leading to clarity in the procedure. His unwavering professionalism and dedication to my candidature were also evident throughout the admissions process. Moreover, Prashant exhibited a willingness to invest maximum effort, ensuring the applications attained their utmost refinement. Finally, his invaluable insights and wealth of experience played a pivotal role in ensuring that I received admits to my dream schools.

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