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For MBA Reapplicants

The MBA application cycle is almost over and you still haven’t been accepted to an MBA program. Now what? Well, there’s always next year. However, the time to start working on your applications is now. The reason is very simple. If you apply with the same application, you will likely end up with a similar outcome. So what is the best strategy to increase your chances of getting admits to an MBA program of your choice in the next intake?

When it comes to reapplying, your profile needs to show substantial improvement. In fact, business schools typically ask MBA reapplicants to write an essay detailing the changes in their profile from their earlier application. You also need to keep in mind that reapplicants typically don’t have much time to make these changes given that the next admissions cycle starts only a few months later and it’s always better to apply in the earlier rounds.

The first thing to do is to shake off any disappointment and spend a good amount of time in self-reflection. Self-reflection should be a key element of your reapplication strategy. Why? If you dive into the admissions process head first, you won’t be able to identify the deficiencies in your applications and end up making the same mistakes. It’s also important to take feedback from friends and family to get fresh perspectives.

So what can you do to significantly improve your profile? The key is to strengthen as many components of the application as possible based on your evaluation. If your undergraduate GPA is on the lower side, you could take an online course or two to demonstrate your commitment to academics. You could also retake the GMAT to not only further support this but to also improve the overall competitiveness of your profile.

If you feel that your work experience let you down, then you could go beyond your assigned responsibilities and work on a project to demonstrate initiative. If your assessment shows that one of your recommenders provided a tepid letter, you could scout for another one. If you receive feedback that your essays weren’t up to the mark, then spend time on creating a more compelling narrative and reworking them completely.

You can further bolster your application through volunteering or taking up other extracurricular activities. At the same time, it’s also important to keep in mind that you have limited resources. So make sure that you only pursue those activities that you can realistically manage while juggling your personal and professional life. Finally, it’s imperative that you don’t contradict your earlier application in any way when applying again.


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