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Busting 3 MBA Admissions Myths

The decision to pursue an MBA is usually accompanied by a sense of exhilaration. After all, there are so many wonderful experiences to look forward to over the course of the program and beyond. However, there’s a sense of apprehension as well. After all, the path that leads to an MBA has to yet be crossed. But often times, the uneasiness is based on false assumptions. So let us ease your admissions journey by busting 3 big myths.

Myth #1 - I don’t have the right background

While certain professions tend to dominate the applicant pool, MBA programs actively look for candidates with diverse backgrounds such as fashion designers, sports persons, entrepreneurs etc. After all, diversity introduces different perspectives into classroom discussions and enhances the learning experience. In fact, such candidates should make use of their non-traditional backgrounds to stand out during the admissions process.

Myth #2 - I don’t have a high enough GPA or GMAT score

The first thing to keep in mind is that business schools accept a range of scores. So a lower score doesn’t mean you’re out of contention. However, you can always bolster your profile by taking extra courses to showcase your dedication or by retaking the GMAT to achieve a higher score. You can also work on writing stellar essays and demonstrate strong leadership potential to present a compelling case to the admissions committee.

Myth #3 - I don’t have a high profile recommender

The purpose of a recommendation letter is to provide validation for your ability, skills and character. However, this is only possible if your recommender has closely worked with you. Hence, getting recommendation letters from people who enjoy celebrity status will not support your MBA application as these high profile recommenders won’t have any basis to comment on either your professional experience or intellectual capacity.

The important thing to keep in mind about the MBA admissions process is that it is quite a complex one. While there are certain data points that provide objective inputs, a big part of the process has a rich tapestry of subjective content that feeds into the decision making. Hence, allowing assumptions to dictate your confidence doesn’t help. It’s imperative that you do your research and let your own authenticity shine through for the best results.


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