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Cracking The Video Essay

Video essays are becoming a regular feature in the admissions process. There are a few reasons for their rising popularity. First, they allow admissions committee to assess candidates on parameters beyond the traditional application such as their communication skills and presence of mind. Second, they build efficiency into the process since they add a cost effective way to further assess candidates before calling them for an interview.

While video essays undoubtedly add another component to the MBA application causing additional stress for candidates, the best way to approach them is with a positive mindset. That’s the first step to success. If video essays are treated as a burden, the reluctance will reflect in the output. Instead, candidates should treat video essays as a tool to showcase another dimension of their personalities to impress admissions committees.

It’s important to note that when it comes to video essays, business schools have the ability to create their own formats. For instance, some schools may disclose the questions in advance while others may simply provide the number of questions the candidate is expected to answer or even the duration of the assessment. Schools can also set the time allotted for preparation as well as the actual answers.

The first step to tackling video essays successfully is to plan things properly. Candidates should familiarize themselves with the assessment tool, especially the time they’re given to prepare and answer questions. It’s also imperative for them to plan to complete the exercise before the deadline given by the school. Finally, candidates should keep everything ready, including equipment, required to take the video assessment.

But what’s the key ingredient for cracking video essays? Preparation, of course. The questions for these kinds of assessments are readily available online. However, candidates need to practice answering them within the stipulated duration. While there are different modes of practice, it’s always a good idea to record videos to understand if any adjustments need to be made while taking the actual assessment.

In summary, the popularity of video essays continues to grow for a number of very good reasons. The best way to approach them is to adopt a positive mindset. It’s always important to plan in advance and this includes understanding the format set by the business school. While proper planning can go a long way in ensuring success, the key to cracking video essays lies in preparation, including recording practice videos.


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