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Rotman School Of Management - MBA Admissions Team Interview

LemonEd Insider: Insights from MBA Admissions Directors

The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto is one of Canada's leading business schools. Its renowned MBA program offers a transformative learning experience and is much sought after by candidates from India.

LemonEd interviewed Lynda Vanderburgh, Assistant Director, Recruitment and Admissions, and Akansha Jakhar, Assistant Director of Admissions, to get a better understanding about some of the most commonly asked questions about the Rotman MBA admissions process.

Photo sourced from the Rotman School of Management website

The Ideal Rotman MBA Candidate

LemonEd: Can you describe the ideal candidate for your MBA program? What qualities do you look for in applicants?

Rotman: The ideal candidate for the Rotman MBA program is someone who is ambitious, collaborative, and curious. They should have strong leadership potential, or an entrepreneurial mindset, and a track record of making an impact in their community or workplace. The admissions team looks for candidates who are self-aware and reflective, and who can demonstrate a clear sense of purpose and vision for their future.

Academic Qualifications Vs. Work Experience

LemonEd: What weight do you give to academic qualifications (e.g. GMAT/GRE score, undergraduate GPA) versus work experience when evaluating candidates?

Rotman: The Rotman MBA program takes a holistic approach to evaluating candidates, considering both their intellectual horsepower, experience and impact. Note* Rotman will accept CFA level II in lieu of a GMAT or GRE

The Rotman MBA Essays

LemonEd: How important are essays and personal statements in your decision-making process? What do you look for in these documents?

Rotman: Rotman’s essay is about your ‘Spike Factor’. Our admitted students stand out by doing interesting things with their personal and professional lives --something we describe as the spike; what are the things that you have done in your life that demonstrate Passion/ Grit/ Resilience/ Innovation/ Drive/ Ambition and more? This can cross all or any aspects of life outside of work-- hobbies, volunteer activities, awards, entrepreneurial ventures, sports and the arts. We believe that exposure to a rich diversity of viewpoints makes for a superior learning experience, and pride ourselves on building a diverse class of exceptional individuals who will go on to make the School proud as professionals and alumni.

Photos sourced from the Rotman School of Management website

The Rotman MBA Interviews

LemonEd: What role do interviews play in the admissions process? How do you evaluate candidates during an interview?

Rotman: Interviews are integral part of the admissions process at Rotman, as they provide an opportunity for the admissions team to get to know candidates on a deeper level. During the interview, the team evaluates candidates based on their communication skills, leadership potential, and fit with the Rotman community. The team also assesses the candidate's ability to reflect on their experiences and to articulate their goals and aspirations.

The Rotman MBA Diversity

LemonEd: How important is diversity to your MBA program? What measures do you take to ensure a diverse class?

Rotman: Diversity is a core value of the Rotman MBA program, as the school believes that a diverse class enriches the learning experience for everyone. The program takes several measures to ensure a diverse class, including outreach to underrepresented groups, the provision of scholarships and financial aid, and the promotion of a culture of inclusion and respect within the community.

Changing Careers

LemonEd: How do you evaluate applicants who are transitioning to a new field or career? What qualities do you look for in these candidates?

Rotman: The MBA is the catalyst to transform ones career. The admissions team looks for candidates who can demonstrate transferable skills, a clear understanding of their career goals, and a plan for achieving those goals through the MBA program. The team is also interested in candidates who can demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and growth.

Check out the Rotman School of Management website for more details.


The Rotman Full-Time MBA Fact Card* (Class Of 2024)

Total Students - 275

Average Age - 28 years

Average Work Experience - 4 years

Average Undergrad GPA - 3.6

Average GMAT - 674

Mean Annual Salary* (incl. bonus/other compensation) - $123,438 (Class of 2021)

Employment Rate* (within 3 months of graduation) - 96% (Class of 2021)

*Data sourced from the Rotman School of Management website on 12 May 2023


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