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The MBA Resume Sales Pitch

While the importance of the MBA resume has never been in doubt, the nature of its content has at times been a source of confusion among applicants. It would do well for them to keep in mind that the purpose of the MBA resume is exactly that – to facilitate their admission into an MBA program. What this means is that simply tweaking your job resume isn’t going to impress the admissions committee. A complete overhaul is necessary.

The objective of a job resume is to get you a job. Hence, the information it covers has to convince your prospective employer about your suitability for the position. However, highlighting a set of skills that make you employable will not demonstrate your suitability for an MBA program. What then would persuade the admissions committee? Your achievements, of course. And that is exactly what your MBA resume should cover.

The MBA resume is typically one page in length and requires crisp writing with strong action words to showcase your accomplishments. It’s also imperative to ensure that the content is formatted well, for instance, through usage of bullet points, to communicate your content clearly and succinctly. Finally, an MBA resume filled with technical jargon will reduce the impact of your achievements. So simplify your content to communicate effectively.

When it comes to professional achievements, the key to keeping admissions committees engaged is leadership skills. While the MBA program is meant to groom future leaders, evidence of existing potential is important. Initiatives taken, projects completed, teams led, and problems solved among other things always serve as compelling examples. And if you can show progression in your career trajectory, even better.

There’s one more aspect of the MBA resume that can make it even more powerful – numbers. Instead of simply mentioning how your increased efficiency, adding a number, for instance 20%, not only paints a more vivid picture but also adds to the credibility. While quantifying your achievements is certainly recommended, don’t go overboard with trying to do so in every bullet point. Include numbers only when the impact was substantial.

The MBA resume is a great way to sell your candidacy to MBA admissions committees. It provides a snapshot of not only your academic and professional successes but also provides a glimpse into your personal accomplishments. It not only qualifies your triumphs but also highlights all the ways in which you have grown throughout your career, including instances when where your efforts were acknowledged by others.


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